TENRYU and Popular Tools Professional Quality Saw Blades


TENRYU carbide saw blades are known worldwide as some of the finest made, yielding smooth, quiet, vibration-free and clean cuts.  They have blades for cutting wood and wood products, laminates, aluminum, mild steel and even stainless steel. They make blades designed for nearly any type of saw, including specialty blades for cordless and corded portable saws. Where else can you find an aluminum or steel cutting blade for small cordless saw?


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Industrial carbide saw blades for the high-volume production shop.
Popular Tools makes some of the best industrial grade saw blades you'll find anywhere. Their precise manufacturing processes produce blades with a runout of .002" or less, even on very large blades. And they have an unbelievably wide selection of sizes, up to 30", in a variety of blade types: Cut everything from Acrylic sheets to steel pipe and any kind of wood product you can think of.

Popular Tools also makes hard-to-find blades for metric and European machines, complete with pin holes matching OEM specs.

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