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TENRYU - Makers of Quality Saw Blades Since 1910 - and Probably the Quietest Saw Blades on the Market!


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Why Tenryu?

For the finest saw blades in the world, look no further than TENRYU. TENRYU is known worldwide as the premier manufacturer of quality saw blades and satisfied customers attest to the reliable performance of their products. The most common comment from customers? "TENRYU blades are the quietest blades I've ever used!" What makes one saw blade more quiet than the rest? Simple: It's cutting with more precision and efficiency. Less vibration. Less resistance. This is what you'll get from a TENRYU saw blade.

Just Saw Blades  has been selling commercial quality saw blades to discerning buyers - industrial, commercial and hobbyist alike - since April, 2003. Our customers can tell you they won't find better, friendlier service anywhere on the Internet and countless users have come back time and time again to purchase saw blades for their businesses.

This combination of a product we can stand behind and dedication to customer service is what has driven us to proudly offer TENRYU premium carbide saw blades.

Modern Science and Old-World Craftsmanship Meet

TENRYU blends high-tech scientific techniques with old-world high standards and craftsmanship to ensure that its saw blades are unsurpassed in design and workmanship. 
  • Designed for Ultimate Performance - Sound design is the foundation of TENRYU'S high quality saw blades. To produce blades that give the finest cuts, their designers consider the material that will be cut, the type of machine that will be used for the cut and the desired outcome.

  • Individual Attention Given to Every Blade - Creating a TENRYU saw blade involves at least 40 separate processes that are executed by the most knowledgeable and experienced saw blade makers in the world. While produced in large quantity, every blade gets individual attention during production.

  • Precision Plate Cutting and Hardening Processes - TENRYU uses laser cutting on their high-end and industrial blades to incorporate thin-gap expansion slots. All TENRYU plates are hardened so they can withstand heavy loads and continue working with excellent results. All plates are guaranteed to be flat, distortion free and have uniform thickness.

  • Each Tooth Honed to a Mirror Finish - The TENRYU grinding process is painstaking. Each tooth is perfectly honed to create a mirror-like finish on the carbide tip, resulting in less micro-chipping along the cutting edge for a sharper, longer lasting edge. Not to mention cleaner cuts.

When you order TENRYU saw blades from Just Saw Blades, they are shipped directly from the manufacturer's US warehouse in Hebron, KY (near Cincinnati, OH) to you, saving the time and cost of first shipping them to our location.


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