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TENRYU Panel-Pro Series - for the absolute best cuts in Melamine, laminates and other composites on popular European panel saws


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Panel Pro Saw Blade by Tenryu PANEL-PRO SERIES

TENRYU'S Panel-Pro blades feature resin-bond filled expansion slots for less vibration and quieter, cooler, cleaner, truer cuts. The tips are extra-hard, micro-grain and anti-corrosive carbide that will resist both chemical and abrasive wear. As we all know, to cut Melamine, you need a sharp blade, and these will stay sharp longer than most.

The tooth configuration on these blades combines alternating tops, alternating face bevel and a raker every third tooth. Clean, crisp and chip-free cuts. Your bottom line depends on it!


8" PP-20360AB 60 5/8" ATAFR 0 .110" PS $105.00
220mm PP-22060AB 60 30mm* ATAFR 0 .110" PS $108.00
300mm PP-30075AB 75 30mm* ATAFR 0 .110" PS $157.50
* With pin-drive holes
For cutting aluminum or solid surface materials like Corian on a panel saw, see the links on the left corresponding to the material you need to cut.
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