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Plastic Cutting Saw Blades by TENRYU  - for chip-free and melt-free cuts in a wide variety of plastics


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Blade for Cutting Plastic by Tenryu PLASTIC CUTTER SERIES

TENRYU plastic cutting thin kerf blades are designed to perform well in a variety of plastic materials. Due to their tight tolerances, chipping in hard, brittle plastics is reduced. And the "no-melt" grind pattern and super-fine honing help reduce heat build-up which causes melting in softer, lower melting-point plastics. With other manufacturers, you need to carefully choose the right tooth count, depending on what type of plastic you're cutting. Not so with TENRYU! Cut PVC, acrylics and other sheet plastics with no problems. By the way, this is also an excellent blade for clean crosscuts in wood on a miter saw.

Here's what one customer had to say, comparing the TENRYU Plastic Cutter to a high quality (and more expensive) Triple Chip Grind plastic blade he'd been using:

"The Tenryu blades are great blades. I prefer them over the X. With the acrylic sheets we cut, although the X blades do the job, they still throw larger chips back and not as clean an edge as the Tenryu. Yesterday I cut a very small dimension with a close tolerance in 1/8" acrylic; the Tenryu blade worked excellent. Clean edge and the material traveled through smoothly. It's a very good blade."


4" PC-10036 36 20mm ATAF 10 .055" TRIM $22.50
7-1/4" PC-18560CB 60 5/8"KO ATAF 5 .079" CIRC. $42.00
10" PC-25580CB 80 5/8" ATAF 5 .102" ALL $69.00
12" PC-305100CB 100 1" ATAF 5 .110" ALL $93.00
14" PC-355100CB 100 1" ATAF 5 .118" ALL $120.00


TENRYU'S Pro Series for Plastics has all the features and advantages of the Plastic Cutter PLUS:

  • Laser cut, press-tempered, individually tensioned and chrome plated bodies (less friction)
  • High-grade, fine-grain C4 carbide wear resistant tips to stay sharp longer
  • Resin bond-filled laser-cut expansion slots for less noise and less vibration, meaning truer cuts and even less chipping
10" PRP-25580CB 80 5/8" ATAF 5 .125" ALL $120.00
10" PRP-255120AB3* 120 5/8" ATAFR 0 .079" ALL $180.00
12" PRP-305100CB 100 1" ATAF 5 .134" ALL $150.00
14" PRP-355100CB 100 1" ATAF 5 .134" ALL $180.00
* This blade is designed for ultra-clean cuts in very thin plastic.

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